Koala Bear Flavored Lube 5.6oz/165ml in Mojito

Koala Bear Flavored Lube 5.6oz/165ml in Mojito - Sex Toys Vancouver Same Day Delivery

Koala Bear Flavored Lube 5.6oz/165ml in Mojito

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Nicely flavored with a minty lime tang and a kiss of rum. Try being the tortoise and not the hare. Slow and steady will win this race. Bring the taste of the islands home tonight.

Attention, attention! Eyes to the front! We need to talk about lube. We love lube, and you should, too. And yet, it seems like there's a little stigma hovering around the idea of needing lube. Well guess what? Sometimes, you DO need it (anal sex, quickies, any situation where your or your partner's body might not be co-operating the the lubrication department) and that's A-okay!

Let's just focus on what lube can do for you or you and you partner, shall we? It can banish uncomfortable friction. It mimics the sensation of the body's natural lubrication (which feels great and can stimulate lube production - a very sexy cause and effect), it can make penetration smoother overall, and, in the case of Nature Lovin's Mojito Flavored Lubricant, sweeten oral sex for both of you. All very good things!

Koala Bear Flavored is a premium water based intimate treat with a lick-worthy flavor courtesy of nothin' but natural ingredients. It contains no glycerin, parabens, DEA or petroleum, plus, it's pH balanced and 100% vegan lifestyle friendly. In other words, it's the ultimate choice for sensitive-skinned playmates. Also, how cute is the bottle?

To use, simply apply to skin, hands, toys, or a partner and play away, adding more if needed. Never sticky or tacky, Koala rinses from skin, toys and fabrics post-playtime with a little water. It won't stain or leave a residue. Made in the USA.
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